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The company is located in the scenic and “the first city of modern China”-Nantong city of jiangsu province.Our company covers 15000 square meters and we have more than 120 employees,including 18 senior and intermediate technical personnels.The main skilled technicians have more than 30 years experience of locking pliers R&D,production and metal's heat treatment.Our company specialized in the production of all kinds of general and professional (special) locking pliers,hardware tools and tool sets.And we also can undertake external cooperation processing of kinds of work piece's annealing,normalizing,hardening and tempering quenching nitriding carbonitriding multi-elements penetrating;gear and shaft's surface hardening;copper and aluminum alloy's solid solution treatment and ageing.

Well-equipped workshop,comprehensive testing facilities and reliable production process,helped us smoothly pass the National Light Industry Tool and Hardware Department's quality inspection and approved by the ISO9001:2000 quality system.We are the member of National Hardware Product Standardization Association and jiangsu provincial Mechanical & Engineering Association Heat Treatment Committee;we also attend the national locking pliers' standard drafting.Our products are sold well in countries and regions of Europe,North American and Southeast Asian,and they also win the good reputations among the customers.

We'll take technology and quality as the base sincerely serves all the customers from domestic and abroad with our “excellent quality and favorable price” product.


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